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Our Story

Welcome, I am so excited to have you join me on this adventure. Kayleen's Expressions came to me one day when I was struggling with my daughter over her teenage lack of ambition, she is so very talented and has so many amazing qualities but as of late all she wants to do is SLEEP... So, I mouthed off to her about maybe she could be the " Badass today, that she was too LAZY to be yesterday!! " of course, her jaw dropped open, and she stared at me like I was crazy because I never say anything like that out loud and never to her. So, it got me thinking about how many other moms feel the same way but never voice it or do and their relationship with their kids is never the same. Kids don't always understand where we are coming from and just think we are Mean. Even when we just want the best for them, or we don't know how to express ourselves. So, I wanted to bring you all a little bit of sassy class that we all feel, but sometimes don't know how to express. Please enjoy and have fun shopping. I hope it brings tears of laughter to your eyes and joy to your hearts or at the least you're not alone......

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